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Somatic Therapy & Myths About The Healing Journey

Today's myth is: "Healing is feeling happy and good all the time" or "If I feel upset feelings, something needs to be fixed"

The truth is that healing is that you are a complex human with a wide range of emotional experiences and feeling the full spectrum of emotion is healthy and normal.

I call this kind of myth about healing "magical thinking". The idea being that if you just don't feel your woundings and focus only on what "feels good" then you are healing. The key component here is awareness and choice. It is ok to choose to bring your awareness to something more nourishing and to practice doing things that bring light and joy into your life. I also see many folks who feel that if they are not totally happy all the time then that must mean that something is wrong with them. Envisioning some version of self without any hard days or without any difficult is seen as a goal and that if they could only get there, then they would be healed. Unfortunately, this mindset only supports more suffering. Healing is not about getting rid of any aspect of self. You are not broken. There is nothing in you that needs to be "fixed". Healing is learning to incorporate, love, and have compassion for all aspects of ourselves and to hold our whole self in the vast container of our inner wisdom, higher self, and interconnectedness. The first stop on that journey is learning the skills to connect to self from a place of embodiment, calm, and safety. From there, you can access the inner vastness that is within you and that place has the capacity to hold all things. Even the hard things with softness and acceptance. It is from there that Joy arises. Joy being different than happiness. Joy is expansive, inclusive, and has infinite capacity. Experiencing a connection to Joy is a marker on the path to healing.


Jessica Garay is creator of Somatic Intuitive Healing™ and Moon Vibe Sanctuary in Portland, Oregon. Jessica offers professional training and certification programs in somatic therapy and craniosacral therapy in Portland, Oregon and around the world online. She is also passionate about helping other healers create sustainable and easeful businesses through holistic business coaching services. Learn more about Somatic Intuitive Healing and how to become a somatic therapist at & get support finding your bliss zone at


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