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What Happens In Somatic Therapy

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I wanted to share with you a really simple but profound experience I had with a client recently. This client has been struggling with tension in a particular place in their body. For confidentiality reasons, let's use the shoulder as the place of tension. It has been chronic. For years they have felt pain, discomfort, and more recently have had symptoms spread to other areas of the body. We have been working with this area for several sessions in a row with the focus of each session to have a sensation based experience of release in this area of the body. The goal is not that this area is somehow "cured" and they never have tension again there. The goal is to teach them and their body that release is a possibility. That there is an alternative to the current stuck patterning they are experiencing.

In their most recent session, as we were discussing this, they realized that they were now super aware when their body went into this particular tension pattern. This awareness was new and very impactful for them. Prior to this moment they had always felt as if something was "wrong" with them and that the tension was somehow their "fault". They never realized that it was something automatic that happened when they felt stressed and that it came on because their nervous system was activated by whatever was going on around them. Gaining this insight relieved years of guilt and shame that they had inaccurately internalized about themselves. Being able to feel into the activation of the tension in their body, allowed them to see that it wasn't their fault but that their body was simply signaling to them that the experiences they were in felt stressful. Just like when your belly rumbles when you are hungry, these signals are not there to create harm. They are there as a message to your conscious awareness that your body needs something.

With this new insight, they were able to experience their own body with a new profound sense of love and compassion. It is this building of a relationship with self and the body that is so healing. It is through awareness that we are presented with the opportunity to choose a new path. And that choice is the foundation of health and wellbeing.


Jessica Garay is creator of Somatic Intuitive Healing™ and Moon Vibe Sanctuary in Portland, Oregon. Jessica offers professional training and certification programs in somatic therapy and craniosacral therapy in Portland, Oregon and around the world online. She is also passionate about helping other healers create sustainable and easeful businesses through holistic business coaching services. Learn more about Somatic Intuitive Healing and how to become a somatic therapist at & get support finding your bliss zone at

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