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SIH School

Training Facilitators

Jessica Garay

Creator & Lead Facilitator
Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Jessica is the creator of Somatic Intuitive Healing® and Moon Vibe Sanctuary; a holistic wellness center for embodied awakening in Portland, Oregon. Jessica has worked in healing and wellness since 2009 and is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist through the Colorado School of Energy with Anna Chitty and the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North American and the International Craniosacral Therapy Association. Jessica is currently training in Polarity Therapy and Somatic Experiencing®. Jessica's work blends together her extensive experience in movement and yoga therapy, energy healing, nervous system health, and craniosacral therapy. She loves to support other healers in finding their heart's medicine offering and with the nitty gritty of running a wellness business. 

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Christy Stricklin

Lead Assistant Facilitator
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Rolfer

Christy is an intuitive somatic therapist, deeply inspired and fascinated by the powerful intersection of the body and the mind. She offers a gentle approach that is committed to supporting your awareness of the inherent intelligence in your body, mind and heart. Her ability to help bring regulation to the nervous system allows for deeper connection and more alignment within you and your life. She specializes in exploring holding patterns and allowing a sense of greater ease, trust, and balance. Christy provides a safe and open environment to explore healing and transformation.

Christy’s personal journey has led her to study various pathways to wholeness. She is a certified Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner at the Advanced level and a Certified Rolfer®. She is currently training at the Colorado School of Energy Studies to receive a Polarity Coaching Certification. Other unique programs include Visceral Manipulation at The Barral Institute, MatrixWorks group dynamics with teacher Mukara Meredith, and The Open Focus Brain with Susan Shor Fehmi. She lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

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Kastania Rasmussen

SIH Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Somatic Therapy, Embodiment, & Somatic Psychedelic Integration

Kastania offers somatic therapy and trauma-informed bodywork with a focus on 

deeper embodiment, psychedelic integration, personal healing, disordered eating and eating disorder support, trauma processing, nervous system health and education, and/or holistic energy healing. 

  "I am a white, queer femme with Danish ancestry, hailing primarily from Nevada and Denmark with many international stops along the way. I currently live in Portland, OR and is where I offer somatic services.I was brought to this path because of my insatiable zest to live and feel (and this was historically difficult for me). Additionally, I was moved to find the meaning in my adverse experiences and internal pain. The healing skillset I now possess has been crafted because I, too, deeply needed it - nay, was desperate for it. I sought healing and answers like a parent seeks their lost babe in an airport! For years, healing was all I lived and breathed. However, all the downloads, aha moments and releases I experienced truly became integrated as I sought somatic therapy and it is where I have chosen to land as a practitioner.  It is said that, ¨the body is the voice of the unconscious mind¨. I believe that to be skillfully supported in learning your body´s unique language is to walk away empowered, self-attuned, more deeply connected, and the doors to transformation open. This has been my experience and the experience of many of my clients and friends. I have created Wild Tender Song in response to the teachings I´ve received from my own ever-evolving healing journey and my experience as a decades-long yoga instructor, eating-disorder survivor and educator, trauma-informed microdose and psychedelic facilitator, sensual movement educator, bi-cultural identity, somatic practitioner, and transformation-addict. I also give deep gratitude to my amazing teachers (Jessica Garay, Patricia Keeler, Deborah Merkle, Rachel Lewis-Marlow, Vileena Purpuri) who have dedicated themselves to their own healing and are generous in sharing their hard-earned wisdom."

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