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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SIH SCHOOL ONLINE & SIH SCHOOL CERTIFICATION? SIH School is a training program for learning Somatic Intuitive Healing. There are two levels of training. SIH School Online is the foundational level for anyone interested in both self healing practices and understanding the foundations of this somatic therapy modality. The techniques learned in SIH School Online are both applicable for personal growth as well as sharing those same practices with others in a professional setting. SIH School Online is a prerequisite for anyone who is interested in SIH School Certification. SIH School Online is self-paced and can be started at anytime. SIH School Certification is an in-person training for professional development and those interested in working in a professional capacity in somatic therapy, energy healing, craniosacral therapy, and yoga therapy. SIH School Certification focuses on experiential learning and hands-on skill development. It has 5 modules and then a self-paced mentorship and practicum to qualify for certification and graduation.

WHAT ARE THE COVID PROTOCOLS FOR IN-PERSON LEARNING? SIH School Certification program is currently offered in Oregon and will follow any state mandates that in place at the time the training takes place. Currently we will be requiring vaccination and a negative covid test within 24hrs of the start of each module. At home rapid Covid tests are fine. With everyone vaccinated and a negative Covid test, masks will be discussed as a group. There will be a private email survey conducted prior to the start of each module to determine the group consensus. It may mean that we all are required to wear masks, that masks are optional. We will also ask that participants practice extra precaution in the week leading up to the training to help ensure a safe environment. More info will be emailed to participants prior to starting the program. These protocols may change without notice depending on the state of the pandemic and safety needs of the community. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out at

WHAT IS THE COSTS OF SIH SCHOOL? SIH School Online and SIH School Certification are separate programs with separate costs. SIH School Online as a stand alone course is $1197 or a payment plan of $111 for 12 months. SIH School Certification is $3600 for the in-person training. There is a discounted pricing of $750 for the online for those who are signing up for both programs at the same time. There are payment plans available for both programs. The payment plan for SIH School Certification is $325/month for 12 months (or 15 months if adding in the online portion). If cost is an imperative, please email about arranging a longer payment plan. Prices are subject to change. Please email if you have any additional questions. We offer one scholarship per year to an applicant who is from a underrepresented community (the 2022 scholarship has already been awarded). We are actively looking to support BIPOC therapists to create more diversity within the wellness community with the goal of supporting BIPOC teachers of the healing arts to increase diversity in leadership roles. If you'd like more information, please email.

WHO IS SIH SCHOOL FOR? SIH School Online is open to anyone interested in personal growth, self-healing, and wellness. However, this is an in-depth program and a prerequisite for SIH School Certification and is best suited for those ready to make a commitment to their own growth and wellbeing. Although not everyone who takes part in SIH School Online works professionally as in wellness, most participants do work within some form of healing art or have a desire to begin a career in wellness. Therefore the program does contain some more advanced topics and some assumptions of prior experience. This would not be a good fit for someone who has not taken part in any healing work. Please email us if you are just getting started as we offer less intensive offerings for those just beginining their healing journey. SIH School Certification is for wellness professionals. Ideal candidates would be massage therapists, yoga teachers, yoga therapist, somatic therapists, pyschotherapists, naturopaths, energy healers, acupuncturists, and more. If you have not taken any professional training before you may still qualify to take the certification program with teacher approval. Please email if you have questions regarding which program would be a good fit for you.

WHAT DOES BEING CERTIFIED MEAN? After finishing all of the requirements and trainings in both the online and certification programs, you will be eligible for certification. (See the Home page for more info). You will receive a 300 hour certification in Somatic Intuitive Healing and can say that you are a Somatic Intuitive Healing practitioner and use SIH after your name. Somatic Intuitive Healing is a somatic therapy training and depending on your focus you can include that description in your services. Other options could be energy healing or yoga therapy. This certification may qualify you for licensure exemption in some states. Please check with your state laws to verify for your situation.