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Somatic Therapy Training Questions - FAQ


Somatic Intuitive Healing | Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SIH SCHOOL ONLINE COURSE, COACHING CERTIFICATION & SIH SCHOOL PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION? SIH School is a training program for learning Somatic Intuitive Healing. There are 3 levels of training. SIH School Online Course is the foundational level for anyone interested in either professional certification program. There is an entry level online course for personal healing open to anyone just getting started called "Somatic Starter Course". If you're interested in that, please email. The techniques learned in SIH School Online are both applicable for personal growth as well as sharing those same practices with others in a professional setting. SIH School Online is a requirement for anyone who is interested in any SIH School Certification and is included in your tuition. SIH School Online is self-paced and can be started at anytime. SIH School Coaching Certification is the next step up and is an online professional training for those interested in working with nervous system regulation, embodiment, emotional wellness, energy healing, and yoga therapy. The coaching program is designed to train folks to offer talk & practice based sessions for somatic healing and holistic coaching. The program includes the SIH Online Course. There are live online meetings for personalized learning and skill building. You are also required to have practice sessions, homework, and final exams. SIH Practitioner Certification is an advanced training offering experiential learning and hands-on skill development. This certification program provides training to become a SIH bodyworker and offer somatic therapy work that includes touch and gentle bodywork. It has 5 in-person modules over the course of one year and then a self-paced mentorship and practicum to qualify for certification and graduation.

WHAT ARE THE COVID PROTOCOLS FOR IN-PERSON LEARNING? SIH School Practitioner Certification program is currently offered in Oregon and will follow any state mandates that in place at the time the training takes place. Currently we will be requiring a negative covid test the morning of the first day of in-person meetings. At home rapid Covid tests are fine. These protocols may change without notice depending on the state of the pandemic and safety needs of the community. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out at

WHAT IS THE COSTS OF SIH SCHOOL? SIH School Coaching Certification and Practitioner Certification are separate programs with separate costs. SIH School Online Course is included in your tuition to either certification program. Please check the individual program pages on this website for up to date cost info. Prices are subject to change. Please email if you have any additional questions.

WHO IS SIH SCHOOL FOR? SIH School Certification programs are for wellness professionals and are designed to be complimentary and secondary advanced trainings to those who have already studied another professional healing modality. The program does contain more advanced learning and there will be some assumptions of prior experience. This would not be a good fit for someone who has not taken part in any professional training or who has never taken part in an in-person professional degree or certification program. Please email us if you are just getting started as we offer less intensive offerings for those just beginining their healing journey. Both SIH School Certification programs are for wellness professionals. Ideal candidates would be mental health therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga therapist, somatic therapists, pyschotherapists, nurses, MDs and more. Please email if you have questions regarding qualifying for a program and we can direct you towards which program would be a good fit for you.

WHAT DOES BEING CERTIFIED MEAN? After finishing all of the requirements and trainings in both the online and certification programs, you will be eligible for certification. You will receive a 350 hour certification in Somatic Intuitive Healing and can say that you are a Somatic Intuitive Healing practitioner and use SIH after your name. Somatic Intuitive Healing is a somatic therapy training and depending on your focus you can include that description in your services. This certification may qualify you for licensure exemption in some states. Please check with your state laws to verify for your situation.

PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PROCESS: Once you have completed SIH School Online and SIH School Certification Modules 1 - 5 and all the requirements for certification including homework, practice sessions, and receiving sessions, you will schedule a final exam certification meeting. There will be a practicum exam and reveiw of work completed. Once you pass the final exam, you will be eligible to register as a SIH Practitioner. The completion of the entire 350hr program supports you developing the skills necessary to begin your professional practice as a certified Somatic Intuitive Healing practitioner. Because Somatic Intuitive Healing is a touch-based healing modality, it falls under the regulation of most state boards of massage therapy. Active certification with Somatic Intuitive Healing School may meet the requirements of your state board for exemption from licensing. Please check your local state laws.

PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: In Order To Obtain Certification, You Must Complete The Requirements as follows​: > Practicum Treatments & Case Studies: 50 documented practicum sessions. A portion of those sessions need to be case studies with 3-5 sessions of consecutive care for 3 individuals.   > A mentor session with Jessica Garay to go over all materials and develop your next steps on your healer's journey. > Receive at least 10 sessions. One of which needs to be with Jessica Garay. The other's can be with approved SIH providers. Cost of sessions are not included in tuition. Each practitioner will set their own prices.  > A practicum exam with Jessica Garay.  > A take-home exam + final project of your choosing. Final project topics must be approved by SIH Faculty. *Note: There will be some homework and reading assignments between modules plus at least one online meeting with SIH Faculty between each module. Expect to have 10-20 hours of time dedicated to the program between each module in addition to any practicum you are doing.  **Note: The online portion has 4 modules. You must finish modules 1 & 2 before beginning the certification program. Online modules 3 & 4 need to be finished by the second module of the certification program. Please plan your time accordingly. ​ Once certified, you are required to adhere to the ethics and standards of SIH School, display your certification at your place of practice, stay current by applying to renew certification every 4 years for a fee of $100, comply with a Self-Care practice by receiving at least 4 professional wellness sessions for personal healing per year and complete 10 hours of continuing education in healing or wellness every year. You can group the CE hours together in a less frequent larger training if desired but must take at least one CE training every 4 years that is the equivalent to 40 CE hours per renewal period. You will submit proof of CE and Self-Care when you renew certification.

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