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SIH (Somatic Intuitive Healing™) School is a hybrid 300 Hour certification program for wellness professionals. Somatic Intuitive Healing™ blends together Yoga Therapy, Energy Work, Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and emotional wellness. Somatic Intuitive Healing™ is designed to support the unique experience of the individual and is adaptable to the practitioner's skillsets to deliver a profoundly personalized and transformative healing modality. SIH School™ offers an opportunity for current wellness professionals to expand their skills to support their clients in trauma-informed emotional processing, spiritual connection, and body-based wellness. This program is well suited for massage therapists, yoga teachers, therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, MDs, energy healers, psychedelic integration therapists, craniosacral therapists and other bodyworkers and wellness professionals. Upon completion of the training, you will have a powerful toolkit of hands-on skills to start working with clients and supporting their transformational embodied awakening. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Online vs Certification

SIH School™ is a professional somatic therapy training that teaches Somatic Intuitive Healing™. There are two levels to SIH School™. The foundational level is the 100 hour SIH School Online program and is a prerequisite for the in-person trainings. The advanced level is the SIH School Certification training which is a 200 hour in-person training. You can begin with SIH School Online as a stand-alone program or experienced practitioners may include the online course when registering for the SIH Certification training at a discounted cost. If you are new to somatic therapy or healing work, please start with SIH School Online by clicking the button below. SIH School Online is perfect for those who are interested in deepening there own healing as well as beginning the scaffolding for the Somatic Intuitive Healing Certification™. Wellness professionals who are seeking to add somatic therapy, emotional support, energy healing, the foundational practices of craniosacral therapy and trauma informed healing to their services will benefit from SIH School Online as well.


Somatic Intuitive Healing Certification

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SIH Certification is a hands-on experiential based somatic therapy training. There are four in-person training modules, one in-person practicum module, and a self-paced mentoring and certification process. The five in-person modules are offered over the course of one year, approximately 3 months apart. Prerequisites for attendance are completion of SIH School Online and prior wellness or healing experience and training. You must apply and have a phone interview before being accepted. To apply, please click HERE.
Trainings will be held close to Division St and SE 12th in Portland, Oregon on a Friday - Monday schedule from 9:30am - 5:30pm with Monday sessions ending early at 1:30pm
Module 1: Embodied Presence - 25hrs
November 4 - 7, 2022

This foundational module is rooted in the pillar of creating safety. Safety in the body, the setting, and in you, the practitioner. Topics covered are nervous system assessment & regulation, table yoga therapy, experiential presence work, ethics, embodiment work, and more. Prerequisite is SIH School Online Course.

Module 2: Subtle Touch - 25hrs
February 3 - February 6, 2023

Gentle, subtle, hands-on touch is a deeply healing aspects of Somatic Intuitive Healing. In this module we focus on learning the skills to assess, support, and be present with the subtle ways that the body communicates as you learn to become a fluent translator of the language of the body. Techniques are rooted in craniosacral therapy, somatic therapy, and energetic bodywork.

Module 3: Energy Healing - 25hrs
April 21 - 24, 2023
Module 4: Emotional Content - 25hrs
August 11 - 14, 2023

Deepening your skillset as an intuitive healer, we will explore the infinite landscape of energetic healing. In this module we will go over energetic anatomy, energetic assessments and treatments, boundaries and protection, frequency healing, and more. This module is designed to expand your intuitive skills as well as fine-tune your subtle hands on skill. 

 As the expression "the issues are in the tissues" suggests - our bodies hold onto emotions and are vehicles for emotional healing. When working with the body, supporting emotional content when it comes up is an important skill. In this module you will learn tools for supportive somatic focused dialogue, scope of practice, verbal processing awareness, curiosity led communication, & deepening body interpretation skills.

Module 5: Practicum Intensive - 25hrs
October 20 - 23, 2023

Giving and receiving Somatic Intuitive Healing™ is an essential component of becoming a successful practitioner. In this module we focus on strengthening the skills learned in previous modules and refining our tools with hands-on practicum experience. When surrounded by the powerful healing field that a connected cohort creates, deep transformational learning is possible. 


Certification Program

Once you have completed SIH School Online and SIH School Certification Modules 1 - 5, you are eligible to begin the self-paced certification process. The completion of the entire 300hr program supports you developing the skills necessary to begin your professional practice as a certified Somatic Intuitive Healing practitioner. Because Somatic Intuitive Healing is a touch-based healing modality, it falls under the regulation of most state boards of massage therapy. Active certification with Somatic Intuitive Healing School may meet the requirements of your state board for exemption from licensing. Please check your local state laws. 

In Order To Obtain Certification, You Must Complete The Requirements as follows​:
  • Practicum Treatments & Case Studies: 50 documented practicum sessions. 15 of those sessions need to be case studies with 5-sessions of consecutive care for 3 individuals. 
  • A mentor session with Jessica Garay to go over all materials and develop your next steps on your healer's journey.
  • Receive at least 10 sessions. One of which needs to be with Jessica Garay. The other's can be with approved SIH providers. Cost of sessions are not included in tuition. Each practitioner will set their own prices. 
  • A practicum exam with Jessica Garay. 
  • A take-home exam + final project of your choosing. Final project topics must be approved by SIH Faculty.
  • Note: There will be some homework and reading assignments between modules plus at least one online meeting with SIH Faculty between each module. Expect to have 10-20 hours of time dedicated to the program between each module in addition to any practicum you are doing. 
Once certified, you are required to adhere to the ethics and standards of SIH School, display your certification at your place of practice, stay current by applying to renew certification every 4 years for a fee of $100, comply with a Self-Care practice by receiving at least 4 professional wellness sessions for personal healing per year and complete 10 hours of continuing education in healing or wellness every year. You can group the CE hours together in a less frequent larger training if desired but must take at least one CE training every 4 years that is the equivalent to 10 CE hours per year. You will submit proof of CE and Self-Care when you renew certification.

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